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Why switch to Fiber with Mangatel


Mangatel, as you know, is the change to Fiber that Futura Telecom has given, the client of Futura Telecom is migrating to the fiber of Mangatel, and we appreciate it. Especially because we know that the wimax, which is the type of installation you have had so far, although it has been better in speed than what was in the area 5 years ago with other companies, had its failures in the stations that depended . This HAS BEEN FINISHED with fiber. Since the stability and speed is guaranteed thanks to a large local investment that we are making from the company through wiring and not by antennas like so far.

We understand that these explanations are necessary, of pedagogical scope, since you do not have to understand the differences, but we need you to know that the more than 1 million euros that we are investing in cable from La Manga Club to La Manga Norte is the base of a future of stability for the company and for all the families that make up the same.

Betting on local companies is part of our social and economic commitment, we go ahead thanks for your trust.

For any questions we will love to be able to attend to tlf 968 95 11 51

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